Thursday, 11 August 2011

Twinkle Cat

This is the cat i created on photoshop as my main character for my story, Twinkle. Using simple shapes and colours which kids will easily enjoy and recognise. I also decided to use simple shapes for the face, so things don't get too complacated or un-easy. Using textures in a similar way to Eric Carle.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Personal Project

For my personal project, I have decided to write a short childrens story and illustrate it, depending how long we get for the project in september, this will help me to work out how many pages i will be able to illustrate (hopefully the whole thing).
My story is about a Fat cat, who goes looking for some food to eat.
Heres the story:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat.

By Rebecca Hadfield

Twinkle is a cat, a very fat cat, who loves to eat cat food all day long. There is always lots of cat food in the kitchen for Twinkle to enjoy.

Other than eating, one of her favourite things to do is sleep, sleeping on the window sill or at the end of a nice comfy bed.

Twinkle lives in a house, with her owners, a little girl named Emily and her Mother. Twinkle loves it when they give her attention and also when they feed her lots of tasty cat food.

While having a little nap, Twinkle heard the front door slam shut. She ran to the window and saw Emily and her Mother getting into their car.

“I wonder where they’re going.” Twinkle thought to herself.

Then Twinkle started to hear a rumbling sound, a grin began to grow on her face as she knew the rumbling was coming from her tummy and that it was time to eat.

Twinkle ran down the stairs, “What’s for dinner? Chicken? Tuna? I wonder”.

Twinkle approached the kitchen but could not smell any delicious cat food, she could not smell any food at all.

She looked into her bowl and it was empty.

“Where’s my cat food?” Twinkle said, with a sad look on her face.

Twinkle’s tummy started to rumble even more than before.

A strange smell was coming through the cat flap, “I wonder if that’s my food” thought Twinkle, so she followed the smell outside into the neighbours garden, where she ran into Mr Scruffles the dog.

He was eating his bowl of dog food, Twinkle told Mr Scruffles how hungry she was and that there was no food in her house, so Mr Scruffles let her share his food, Twinkle’s face grew with happiness as she started to dig into the food.

After a mouthful of dog food, Twinkle spat the food out as she did not like it, “Thank you Mr Scuffles” Twinkle said, “But this food isn’t for me”.

Twinkle then heard some tweeting coming from the tree above, so she climbed the tree to see who it was. It was a little bird called Susie, she was feeding her babies in their tiny nest.

“Do you have any spare food” Asked Twinkle, “I’m ever so hungry and I have no food”. Susie replied, “Of course you can have some food” and gave Twinkle a long slimy worm. Twinkle swallowed the worm whole and her face went green. Susie offered her some more worms but Twinkle replied “Thank you, but this food is not for me”.

From the top of the tree, Twinkle spotted an ally cat routing in some dust bins. So she went down to see what was going on.

“What are you doing?” Twinkle asked the ally cat, “Looking for my lunch” he replied, while munching on some leftovers he had found in the bins.

Twinkle thought to herself, “This is definitely not for me”.

Her belly was rumbling louder and louder every minute, she really wanted some food to eat.

All of a sudden, she heard someone shouting her name, “TWINKLE, TWINKLE!”.

She ran back to her home, through the cat flap and in to the kitchen, there Emily was with many bags in her hand full of food.

She then poured some cat food into Twinkles bowl. “I bet you’re hungry” Emily said. Twinkle started to meow with happiness and she began to eat. She ate and ate until her tummy was full.

She then went for a nice long nap on Emily’s lap, while Emily stoked her head and started to sing.

Twinkle Twinkle, little cat,

How I wonder, why you’re fat

Eating cat food every day,

Poo-ing in the litter tray,

Twinkle Twinkle, little cat,

How I wonder why you’re fat.