Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My logo

Took me forever to come up with something for a logo, so for now I think its going to be this! Its based on a teddy I have had, like forever! and I've never really known what its ment to be (will get a picture up soon). But I love my teddy and I knwo i'm nearly 21 but I don't ever want to get rid of it! I've made some slight changed to it to get abit more detail, (but the safety pins are actually on the teddy as my mum accidently ripped the ear off years ago and I've never sewn it back on!
I hope this logo is good enough for now but I will come up with something abit more 'me' when I have more time to think about it.

BugOff- 1 Day Project

1 day project, had to create an advertisement for a household cleaner called 'BugOff'- sends the bugs packing. So my idea was very simple, sink, were alot of germs can evolve from, bottle of BugOff on the sink, bugs running away. Simples!
I dislike this image, its too over crowded and Messy. But I couldn't think of anything esle to do. I like certain elements that I had made, such as the taps and the sink itself. The elements around the sink, comb, lipstick, etc etc are elements which I had taken from an earlier project (Editorial) and the spider bug is also from an earlier project (James and the Giant Peach) though I did edit it a little bit. Over all, I thought working under pressure was exciting, but my outcome isn;t as strong as it would be if I had longer on it.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Christian Montenegro

I came across Christian Montenegro on the Varoom website.

I liked the piece of work on this site due to the textures and shapes, so I decided to look for his website and I found all these funky characters her created! Theres even more here, these are just my favourite ones!
I love them! As soon as I saw them I thought they were brilliant, I love the use of shape and texture and how much detail is in each one! Amazing, really love them! If i've ever get to create characters for anything and I end up using textures I deffinatly want to do something similar to these!
I really like his full illustrations at the top aswell, again love the textures and the simple shapes used. Also the colour palet is very interesting and exciting to look at and the compositions of them work really well. I think Christian Montenegro will be a massive influence on me from now on!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Music Proposal

Image on fishtank, rough!

Description of images 2.Description of image 1.

Description of Project Proposal
The music track that we have decided to illustrate is ‘Kiss’ by Prince. Our idea is to illustrate all panels except for the door as it is the door that people are having difficulty finding, so we want to make it stand out.
We have decided that the track is about more than the literal act of kissing but about how a relationship and sex develops.
We propose to create large collages of sexy girls in their underwear the full length of the panels (see desciprtion of image 2). Additionally, we will mix up the body parts to create new personass. We want to illustrate kiss without being too literal or obvious with the subject matter.
Along the shorter panelled wall, we will hang illustrated circles (see description of image 1) containing different body parts on fine fishing wire from suction pads which will stick to the top of the glass panels. These circles will give a cheeky glimpse at some of the girls and their assets without giving the whole picture, alluring to the sense of seduction and lust.
Our colour scheme will be mainly black and red to portray the vampishness that Prince descibes with hints of pink and purple to illustrate underwear etc.
We think that our proposal will be fun and flirty without being seedy and dirty. The track is fun and we think that our proposal truly reflects that.
Music Fish Tank Installation Proposal
Kiss by Prince
Chloe Jones
Rebecca Hadfield

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Archer, Tv Series on Fiver. Brilliant sarcastic and dark humour and fun characters. (Kinda pissing on James Bond) Love the character designs, never really seen an animated series where the characters are outlined very boldy!

Monday, 2 May 2011

8x8 Spot Illustration

My Spot illustration for 8x8 brief! As I mentioned in an earlier post about my idea for my main illustration being based on chance games and how choices are made for you, for my spot illustration and decided to take the same idea/approach but instead of a fruit machine it was a roulette wheel, with different elements of the story going around the weel, with a spinner in the middle of course. And here it is. I am quite proud of this illustration, mostly because I did not come up with an idea for my spot illustration untill about a week before the deadline. At first it seemed like I had rushed it to get it out of the way as I felt the main illustration was more import, but as I got to tweeking it more and more towards the finishing point, I felt that it was a really strong illustration as it is using simple shapes and I just feel that it works very well. Again I used textures in my backgrounds and I used the same collaged imagery for my elements as I did for the main illustration aswell. Firstly I kept the colour scene a yellowish one to try and match my main illustration, but I felt that you couldn't tell exactly what it was by just looking at it so I decided to change the colours, to the colours of an actually roulette wheel, which are black, red, green and white. Though for the white I kept it to a lighter grey colour as the main circle at the back was white and you obviously couldn't see that on a white background. I wanted to keep the illustration a simple shapes and not over-crowd it by adding a background.
I really like this illustration, and I think I prefer it to my main illustration, but I haven't made my mind up about that yet!

8x8 Main Illustration

So for my main illustration for the 8x8 brief, I decided to create a fruit machine with all the different elements of the story. I chose to do a fruit machine as it is a game of chance, not choice. Your choices get taken away from you as does Joy's choices in the story. So my elements consister of, two male faces, representing both the men the girl is seing, Jack and Frank, A broken heart and a crying eye representing sadness and loneliness, A leaf representing a new start (turning over a new leaf) and heart representing love, a skull representing death and a dummy obviously representing a baby.

I started off my creating the shape of my fruit machine on photoshop, creating the shapes out of textures. I tried to make the bottom part look slanted like it is coming out like a 'shelf' where the buttons are placed. I also put things like bored and things around in the shapes to give abit more detail. I then added a white rectangle which it where the spinners would be with the elements then places onto. I kept the background of the fruit machine quite simple with love hearts as like a boarder, I chose this obviously as the story is mostly about love and who the girl loves. I changed some shades of the hearts to make them seem likes lights you would get on a machine like this. I also added all the elements at the top of the machine so you could see each element clearly as on the spinners. I also added a handle on the left hand side so people could easily tell what the image was. For my colour scheme I thought about firstly putting some red/pink in their to represent love, and I played with a few different colours for the machine itself untill one worked well, which was this yellowish colour. Which worked really well and during the meeting with Anna (the writer) One question asked was 'If you had to represent the story as one colour, what colour would it be?' and she answerd yellow. So that worked out well! For the buttons I tried my best to make them look 3D and in the end I feel they worked out quite well, and I added simple type on there as I didn't want to make the image to hetic. I added sayings such as 'Nudge', 'Bank' and 'Hold' are these are the main 3 buttons you see on fruit machines. For my composition, because the shape of my machine was pretty big I kept the background plain otherwise there would have been too much going on. I first also put the shape in the middle bottom of the page, but once I added the handle I thought it worked better to one side so I could get all the handle shape in.

I feel that this image worked quite well and I am quite proud of it and will deffinatly be putting this in my portfolio along with my spot illustration!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kavel Rafferty

Found this illustrator on Illustration web when searching for illustrators who incoporate textures into thier work. The reason I picked out Kavel Rafferty's work is because I like the combination of different medias, Pattern, Textures, Drawings, Prints and what I think is possibly illustrator/photoshop. Brilliantly done. I also like the use of colour palets in each of this images. The blue one, blue is quite a calming colour, and from the image it seems as if it is about health/doctors/dentist, and people always want to feel calm when going to these places. The pink one, seems to be about dental health, bright bold colour, sending a message, telling people to keep their teeth clean. The colour palets in the other two are also quite calm and an interesting set of colours that work really well together. The composition of the bottom so are quite scatterd and things are randomly placed which I feel works really well and grabs your attention. The top two compositions are quite simple and one is representing a face so proportions must be considerd.

Ben Javens

Ben Javens, textures! mm yum. Can you tell i'm loving texture lately?

I love the moon image at the top as to me it looks like it was some kind of left over paper which has been cut into a circle and then a face has been painted on to it, it propably isn't at all but thats what I feel when I see this, and it makes it very interesting to look at with the lovely textures and the fun yet simple face implanted onto it gives a childlike feel which I enjoy.
The bird again is a fun character, simple shapes and very little detail but the textures bring it to life! and the colour combo used worked really well together, though these obviously are not the actually colours of any bird, it again gives the image a childlike and imaginative feel.

The bottom two, I think are posters. Again, interesting cute character designs with lovely backgrounds/scenery. Lovely compositions, not over-crowded but not an over use of white space either.