Friday, 6 May 2011

Christian Montenegro

I came across Christian Montenegro on the Varoom website.

I liked the piece of work on this site due to the textures and shapes, so I decided to look for his website and I found all these funky characters her created! Theres even more here, these are just my favourite ones!
I love them! As soon as I saw them I thought they were brilliant, I love the use of shape and texture and how much detail is in each one! Amazing, really love them! If i've ever get to create characters for anything and I end up using textures I deffinatly want to do something similar to these!
I really like his full illustrations at the top aswell, again love the textures and the simple shapes used. Also the colour palet is very interesting and exciting to look at and the compositions of them work really well. I think Christian Montenegro will be a massive influence on me from now on!

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