Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ben Javens

Ben Javens, textures! mm yum. Can you tell i'm loving texture lately?

I love the moon image at the top as to me it looks like it was some kind of left over paper which has been cut into a circle and then a face has been painted on to it, it propably isn't at all but thats what I feel when I see this, and it makes it very interesting to look at with the lovely textures and the fun yet simple face implanted onto it gives a childlike feel which I enjoy.
The bird again is a fun character, simple shapes and very little detail but the textures bring it to life! and the colour combo used worked really well together, though these obviously are not the actually colours of any bird, it again gives the image a childlike and imaginative feel.

The bottom two, I think are posters. Again, interesting cute character designs with lovely backgrounds/scenery. Lovely compositions, not over-crowded but not an over use of white space either.

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