Monday, 2 May 2011

8x8 Main Illustration

So for my main illustration for the 8x8 brief, I decided to create a fruit machine with all the different elements of the story. I chose to do a fruit machine as it is a game of chance, not choice. Your choices get taken away from you as does Joy's choices in the story. So my elements consister of, two male faces, representing both the men the girl is seing, Jack and Frank, A broken heart and a crying eye representing sadness and loneliness, A leaf representing a new start (turning over a new leaf) and heart representing love, a skull representing death and a dummy obviously representing a baby.

I started off my creating the shape of my fruit machine on photoshop, creating the shapes out of textures. I tried to make the bottom part look slanted like it is coming out like a 'shelf' where the buttons are placed. I also put things like bored and things around in the shapes to give abit more detail. I then added a white rectangle which it where the spinners would be with the elements then places onto. I kept the background of the fruit machine quite simple with love hearts as like a boarder, I chose this obviously as the story is mostly about love and who the girl loves. I changed some shades of the hearts to make them seem likes lights you would get on a machine like this. I also added all the elements at the top of the machine so you could see each element clearly as on the spinners. I also added a handle on the left hand side so people could easily tell what the image was. For my colour scheme I thought about firstly putting some red/pink in their to represent love, and I played with a few different colours for the machine itself untill one worked well, which was this yellowish colour. Which worked really well and during the meeting with Anna (the writer) One question asked was 'If you had to represent the story as one colour, what colour would it be?' and she answerd yellow. So that worked out well! For the buttons I tried my best to make them look 3D and in the end I feel they worked out quite well, and I added simple type on there as I didn't want to make the image to hetic. I added sayings such as 'Nudge', 'Bank' and 'Hold' are these are the main 3 buttons you see on fruit machines. For my composition, because the shape of my machine was pretty big I kept the background plain otherwise there would have been too much going on. I first also put the shape in the middle bottom of the page, but once I added the handle I thought it worked better to one side so I could get all the handle shape in.

I feel that this image worked quite well and I am quite proud of it and will deffinatly be putting this in my portfolio along with my spot illustration!

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