Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kavel Rafferty

Found this illustrator on Illustration web when searching for illustrators who incoporate textures into thier work. The reason I picked out Kavel Rafferty's work is because I like the combination of different medias, Pattern, Textures, Drawings, Prints and what I think is possibly illustrator/photoshop. Brilliantly done. I also like the use of colour palets in each of this images. The blue one, blue is quite a calming colour, and from the image it seems as if it is about health/doctors/dentist, and people always want to feel calm when going to these places. The pink one, seems to be about dental health, bright bold colour, sending a message, telling people to keep their teeth clean. The colour palets in the other two are also quite calm and an interesting set of colours that work really well together. The composition of the bottom so are quite scatterd and things are randomly placed which I feel works really well and grabs your attention. The top two compositions are quite simple and one is representing a face so proportions must be considerd.

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