Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BugOff- 1 Day Project

1 day project, had to create an advertisement for a household cleaner called 'BugOff'- sends the bugs packing. So my idea was very simple, sink, were alot of germs can evolve from, bottle of BugOff on the sink, bugs running away. Simples!
I dislike this image, its too over crowded and Messy. But I couldn't think of anything esle to do. I like certain elements that I had made, such as the taps and the sink itself. The elements around the sink, comb, lipstick, etc etc are elements which I had taken from an earlier project (Editorial) and the spider bug is also from an earlier project (James and the Giant Peach) though I did edit it a little bit. Over all, I thought working under pressure was exciting, but my outcome isn;t as strong as it would be if I had longer on it.

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