Monday, 2 May 2011

8x8 Spot Illustration

My Spot illustration for 8x8 brief! As I mentioned in an earlier post about my idea for my main illustration being based on chance games and how choices are made for you, for my spot illustration and decided to take the same idea/approach but instead of a fruit machine it was a roulette wheel, with different elements of the story going around the weel, with a spinner in the middle of course. And here it is. I am quite proud of this illustration, mostly because I did not come up with an idea for my spot illustration untill about a week before the deadline. At first it seemed like I had rushed it to get it out of the way as I felt the main illustration was more import, but as I got to tweeking it more and more towards the finishing point, I felt that it was a really strong illustration as it is using simple shapes and I just feel that it works very well. Again I used textures in my backgrounds and I used the same collaged imagery for my elements as I did for the main illustration aswell. Firstly I kept the colour scene a yellowish one to try and match my main illustration, but I felt that you couldn't tell exactly what it was by just looking at it so I decided to change the colours, to the colours of an actually roulette wheel, which are black, red, green and white. Though for the white I kept it to a lighter grey colour as the main circle at the back was white and you obviously couldn't see that on a white background. I wanted to keep the illustration a simple shapes and not over-crowd it by adding a background.
I really like this illustration, and I think I prefer it to my main illustration, but I haven't made my mind up about that yet!

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