Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Music Proposal

Image on fishtank, rough!

Description of images 2.Description of image 1.

Description of Project Proposal
The music track that we have decided to illustrate is ‘Kiss’ by Prince. Our idea is to illustrate all panels except for the door as it is the door that people are having difficulty finding, so we want to make it stand out.
We have decided that the track is about more than the literal act of kissing but about how a relationship and sex develops.
We propose to create large collages of sexy girls in their underwear the full length of the panels (see desciprtion of image 2). Additionally, we will mix up the body parts to create new personass. We want to illustrate kiss without being too literal or obvious with the subject matter.
Along the shorter panelled wall, we will hang illustrated circles (see description of image 1) containing different body parts on fine fishing wire from suction pads which will stick to the top of the glass panels. These circles will give a cheeky glimpse at some of the girls and their assets without giving the whole picture, alluring to the sense of seduction and lust.
Our colour scheme will be mainly black and red to portray the vampishness that Prince descibes with hints of pink and purple to illustrate underwear etc.
We think that our proposal will be fun and flirty without being seedy and dirty. The track is fun and we think that our proposal truly reflects that.
Music Fish Tank Installation Proposal
Kiss by Prince
Chloe Jones
Rebecca Hadfield

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