Friday, 15 April 2011

123- Part 3

"Be yourself and value your own ideas" I heard this from an Illustrator named Sholto Walker who I had emailed to ask him a few questions. This 'saying' relates alot to me, I believe strongly in being yourself and not someone else, or changing yourself to impress others etc. The same with ideas, If I like an idea, but others don't, why not develop this idea, and show people that it can work, Instead of changing things because others think it's the right way to go. I know sometimes, it is good to listen to peoples opinions and advice, but if you think strongly about something, you should stick by it no matter what people say, or try to improve it, this will show people what you can really achieve! :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Music- Rough Sketches

Block squares, possibly with flowery backgrounds, with images such as hearts, flowers, lips, rings (romancey stuff). Hung from each other. Things dangaling, round a girl in underwear. Sexy/Romanctic.

Pair of lips. Squares inside the lips with things in, collagey!

This is a piece out of the Love Sick book. Really liked this page, thought about having girls dangling down on the glass, possibly with backgrounds. Obviously, creating our own girls in a similar style.
Making the girls abit more modern. Very Rough

Music Brief

For the Music Brief I am working with Chloe, the song we have chosen is "Kiss" by Prince. A song about love, romance etc etc. So our first obvious idea was to do something with lips and 'kisses'.
We looked at a book called Love Sick: A Smoldering Look at Love, Lust and Marrige, to get some more ideas.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

8x8 Live Brief- Junctures

Met the writer for the story I have to illustrate yesterday, Lovely lady, Anna Paldanius. She liked my idea for her story which is brilliant! Story: Girl (Joy), Seeing two guys (Frank and Jack), doesn't know who to pick, she has a choice. In the end her choice is taken away from her. Death. Baby. Emotions. Idea: Games of chance, Fruit Machine. No choice, it's made for you, you don't know what you are going to get. Put faces on machine to represent the guys and main character Joy. Other things on there to represent other parts of the story. etc...

I can sketch too!

Sorry for the bad photos! But yes, Got bored and decided to draw Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Rob Zombie!

123- Part 2

'Always do what you love. If you don't love what you are drawing then change it.' Tansy Myre said this to me in one of her emails. I thought it was very useful and something I can relate to. If you simply don't like what you are doing, stop and do something else. Change your idea or just take a different approach. With my editorial piece, I loved what I had done, pretty simple and a good shape to work with, but every time I tried to put something in the background, it just didn't work at all. So I thought, stop, and just carried on playing around with the main element making that look stronger on its own.

Editorial in Layout

Decided to make my own layout in InDesign, having just the gun as the shape and placing the text around the gun. I'm not great with composition, so thought I'd keep my illustration to a simple shape and this way I can place the text around it instead of it being a block shape. I really like working like this, with a simple shape as It limits compositions and helps with the use of white space!

Editorial- Killer Fashion.

The article I had chosen to illustrate was aout Woman in the USA who own handguns and have them stylized to match their handbags and wardrobes (which I actually think is kind of sad). I started of my just drawing guns which matched womans hand/arm accessories, bracelettes, nails rings etc. But I thought this was a little too obvious so I thought about things that woman keep in their handbags, such as fashion accessories, make up, jewellery etc. I then started to put these things together to create the shape of a gun. Which I feel worked pretty well.
I firstly started this project in similar ways I did to the James and the giant peach and wellspring brief, by collaging shapes and objects out of textured paper, but once i did this and then started to put them together on photoshop, They were not fitting well together, so i decided to scan in some textures I had made and I began to make my elements on photoshop instead, I tried to get them are straight and perfec as I possibly could, then once I started to put the elements together in the shape of a gun, they fit together really well and then I had so come up with a colour palet, and because I thought the article was quite 'girly' I kept the gun to shades of one colour, the girliest colour known to everybody, pink. I thought It looked pretty good.
I tried to put things such as bags etc in the background but I didnt feel they were working very well, and because i'm not great at composition, I thought about just leaving it as a simple shape, which at first I wasn't keen on, but as I tried adding more and more things to the background I began to hate it more and more and love the gun on its own more, so I decided to keep it that way.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ciara Panachhia

Textures, Textures, Textures, Lots of wonderful textures! Lovely shapes too, Very influnced by this illustrator. Everything looks so professional and beautiful! With the top two I love the composition, white background with nice shapes holding the imagery together, I think this works really well and would like to do this with my work as sometimes I tend to over power my images with loads of different imagery.

With the bottom too, Again, the compositions are lovely, not really using much white space, but not making her backgrounds and scenerty too over-crowded, they are just right to give a nice feel of place.

Her colour palet is very calm and relaxing, nothing too 'in your face', there are some colours that stand out more than others. For example with the top image, the little red riding hood character is in red which stands out more than the landscape and path and again the sun in the top left corner with the wolf in stands out also.