Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ciara Panachhia

Textures, Textures, Textures, Lots of wonderful textures! Lovely shapes too, Very influnced by this illustrator. Everything looks so professional and beautiful! With the top two I love the composition, white background with nice shapes holding the imagery together, I think this works really well and would like to do this with my work as sometimes I tend to over power my images with loads of different imagery.

With the bottom too, Again, the compositions are lovely, not really using much white space, but not making her backgrounds and scenerty too over-crowded, they are just right to give a nice feel of place.

Her colour palet is very calm and relaxing, nothing too 'in your face', there are some colours that stand out more than others. For example with the top image, the little red riding hood character is in red which stands out more than the landscape and path and again the sun in the top left corner with the wolf in stands out also.

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