Thursday, 7 April 2011

Editorial- Killer Fashion.

The article I had chosen to illustrate was aout Woman in the USA who own handguns and have them stylized to match their handbags and wardrobes (which I actually think is kind of sad). I started of my just drawing guns which matched womans hand/arm accessories, bracelettes, nails rings etc. But I thought this was a little too obvious so I thought about things that woman keep in their handbags, such as fashion accessories, make up, jewellery etc. I then started to put these things together to create the shape of a gun. Which I feel worked pretty well.
I firstly started this project in similar ways I did to the James and the giant peach and wellspring brief, by collaging shapes and objects out of textured paper, but once i did this and then started to put them together on photoshop, They were not fitting well together, so i decided to scan in some textures I had made and I began to make my elements on photoshop instead, I tried to get them are straight and perfec as I possibly could, then once I started to put the elements together in the shape of a gun, they fit together really well and then I had so come up with a colour palet, and because I thought the article was quite 'girly' I kept the gun to shades of one colour, the girliest colour known to everybody, pink. I thought It looked pretty good.
I tried to put things such as bags etc in the background but I didnt feel they were working very well, and because i'm not great at composition, I thought about just leaving it as a simple shape, which at first I wasn't keen on, but as I tried adding more and more things to the background I began to hate it more and more and love the gun on its own more, so I decided to keep it that way.

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