Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pick Me Up- London

So during my visit to London, I was advised by many people to check out Pick Me Up at the Somerset House. Lot's of illustrators had their work displayed. Lot's of interesting pieces, each have their own unique style, using different types of media and different ideas, lots of different ideas! Some illustrators even had tiny stalls set up where you could buy things they had made or printed on, things such as, canvas bags, note books, post cards etc.

It was quite interesting and I am glad I went, some of the illustrations inspired me with my own work and there were a few illustrators that deffinatly caught my eye as they seemed to have produced there works in a similar way to what I had.

I think these pieces were done by a illustration group called Peskimo, I have liked them on facebook for a while now and it was nice to see them at such a big event in London. Lot's of pattern and characters used in their work and It is quite inspiring and fun. Also lots of fun bold colours used which is always good!

This was done by an Illustrator called Tom Frost, I was first interested in this due to my interest in The Day of the Dead. Interesting shapes and colours. Some of his colour works were very colour and fun, another illustrator I would like to take a further look at!

These were my favourite pieces at Pick Me Up! Brilliant use of shape and colour which is what I love, especially in the middle picture of the solider guy, I love it! But I am not 100% sure who the illustrator is! I need to look him up so I can check out more of the work!
I like this piece due to the spaces and because you can easily tell that it has been screen printed, and I have gotten very into screen printing as of late. I also like the lack of colour, black/white and one pretty bold colour. It works really well!

This piece of work reminded me of the type of work that I used to do in foundation, tracing images of friends and family and using bold splashes of colour.

This piece just made me laugh as I like random things, I love the random colours, makes the black area stand out and look fun.

I love this! I am not usually into 3D things but this was just very interesting and eye catching. I love the shapes and use of colour, makes this spider look fun instead of scary! Looks like some kind of toy or decorative item.
This piece of work reminded me of my Brad Pitt portrait I did for Little White Lies Magazine due to the shapes and the white spaces between them. The piece was done by an illustrator called Ben Kirchner, hopefully I will look more into his work for inspiration!

Overall Pick Me Up was an interesting event with lots of inspiration and interesting pieces of work to look at.

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