Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Michael Craig-Martin

After visiting the Manchester Art Gallery with my group members Chloe and Alex, we picked a piece which all of our eyes were attracted too for our summer project, which was this piece by Michael Craig-Martin, named "Inhale (Yellow)". The media used is acrylic on canvas sized 243.8 x 182.8cm. This image caught our eyes due to the boldness of colour used and also what caught my attenion was the use of black line outlining each individual object with in the image itself. I love the use of the black line as it gives each object more definition and boldness, making then look slightly less flat. Another thing which i admire about the image is the distortion of scale, making smalled objects in reality larger than other object, this makes the piece more interesting and fun to look at. The random objects placed together work really well, I think maybe Michael Craig-Martin possibly set up a scene with these objects and drew them in different scales. The colours used are very interesting, very Pop Art. Michael Craig-Martin has been named as a Pop Artist for some time now, around the year 2000 he began working with bold colour and outlining, similar to the piece above. (
This piece of work was created in 2002 with a group of pieces very similar to this. His other work includes images like these on a huge scale in places such as trainstations and on sides of buildings, very time consuming and you can appriecate the time and effort gone into these pieces.
I am hoping to create some images in a similar way to Martin, possibly drawing objects from my own household and drawing them in my own style of working. I will possibly look into collaging some of the pieces and also printing which I enjoy very much. I will try many techniques and experiments to hopefully interpriate this piece in my own way.

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