Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Pop Art

After looking into the work of Michael Craig-Martin, I began looking at some other pop artists.

The first major pop artist that I could think of from the top of my head was Andy Warhol, famous for many pieces but one of my favourites has to be the portraits of Marilyn Monroe. I love the use of bold colour and black in the shaded areas, giving a photographic look. I also like the bold colour used for the background and how it is a colour that has lready been used with in the piece, I think this works really well and brings out the eyes of the face even more.
Andy Warhol does alot of print work, mostly screen printing which I love to do, though we work in different ways (as I work very rough and Warhol works very neat) I really like the detail and smoothness of his work.

I also love his flower work, the bold colours used for the flowers and the unusual shapes. Looks as if they've been printed onto a photograph which is an unusual techinque but very effective and different, works really well.

Another Pop Artist who I have become very fond of over the years is Roy Lichtenstein. I love his comic like style of working, again bold colours and thick black lines. I also like how in some areas of his images instead of using bold colour he uses tiny circles which is interesting and different from any pop art or comic styled art I have seen before.

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