Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Jhonen Vasquez

I think that Jhonen Vasquez is an amazing comic illustrator/ cartoonist. I'm always attracted to strange and dark cartoons and I have never come arcoss anyone quite like Jhonen Vasquez before. I first saw a cartoon named Invader Zim at a friends house a few years back and I was inlove with the dark cartoon comedy and all the characters were very interesting and unusual.

After this I started looking into more of his work to find out that he had created a few comics over the years. (I am not a very big comic reader but if I am attracted to the art work and find characters that look interesting I am very willing to read them)
He had created comics such as Johnny the Homicidal Mainiac, Fillerbunny and Squee! All of these comics were published by Slave Labor Graphics, who have many other unsual illustrators/graphics designers who
I am also interested in.

The characters Vasquez creates are mostly all slim lined, almost stick figure like which interesting head shapes and faces. His stories are usually dark and disturbing, but not disturbing enough to scare children away from his comics. Though Invader Zim was aired on Nickelodeon, after the second series the show was cancelled due to its dark tone and voilence even though the show had good ratings.

He also created an album cover for a successful band named Mindless Self Indulgence, for their album titled "IF"

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