Monday, 1 November 2010

Norman Perryman

Norman Perryman is known as a Kinetic Artist/Painter.

In 1973 Perryman began to work as a performing artist on glass plates, placed on a series of overhead projectors, interpreting music visually in real time. In contrast to the trend of creating digitally generated video-projections, Perryman has developed an economic low-tech alternative that retains the sensual organic qualities of the colours and the gestures of painting by hand. The light of the overhead projectors shines through Perryman’s glass plates to give the transparent colours an extraordinary luminous intensity when projected on a giant screen. As they listen, the audience watches the evolution and dissolution of Perryman’s abstract images. The magnified images from five or more projectors are mixed by hand with an analogue dimmer. Perryman’s semi-abstract, lyrical expressionist visuals are not illustrations, but rather images keyed to the ideas and feelings of the music, enriching the musical experience yet remaining in the memory as powerful works of art in their own right. Perryman calls this art form kinetic painting, because it is a continuously changing sequence of colours and forms that only exists in real time, then disappears forever. His paint-brushes also move to the rhythms of the music and make the liquid watercolour splash, pulsate, pulsate, flow or spread continually.

Love this work my Norman Perryman, I think it is an unusal way of working and it looks brilliant, the use of colour is amazing and the 'loose-ness' of the work lets different moods/emotions come through within the seperate pieces.

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