Friday, 26 November 2010


After being off for a few weeks, due to personal issues. I was looking forward to coming back and getting stuck into a really exciting new project. The next project, is, Dialogue Ignites Change: Conflict/Resolution, Which I am not completely understanding just yet, but hopefully after today I should understand what I'm doing, but honestly am not looking forward to doing it. I wanted to actually be able to sit and do some Illustration work -.-

My group got our marks for the Kinetic Project, which were not the greatest marks being honest, but hey, I got 40, so at least I didn't fail.

Also got my mark back from the first essay we did for Critical Studies, which I thought I had possibly failed, but I got 53% so yay. (Beats my essay score last year too) but I've never been good at essays so I'm happy with this mark.

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