Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dan Judge

I've only recently discoverd Dan Judge, I love his use of prints and textures, using simple shapes and bold colours. A great combination to work with, fun and bold with a great use of white space. Lovely illustrations. I like this technique of working, I myself have been playing around with textures and It is going pretty well and I am enjoying it very much and Dan Judge has inspired me to play around with textures and printing some more.
I also like how simple some of his shapes are, very straight and curved with no rushed or messy-ness. His compositions are interesting too, he seems to place things around the center of the piece, I guess to capture attention easier.
His choice of colours are also good, he seems to use a bold colour and then a less bold colour, apart from the pink one (2nd one down), this one really strikes out and captre attention as he has used two really bold and bright colours, usually I would think hose colours don't look right together, but I feel Judge has pulled it off really well.

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