Sunday, 23 January 2011

James and the Giant Peach, other book covers.

I started researching some James and the Giant Peach book covers, done by a range of different illustrators/designers. The one on the left, I find it very interesting, quite graphicy. I love the straight edged typography and imagery, sharp corners and block shapes, works very well and its an interesting way of working. The peach its self if perfectly round and brightly coloured which is what your eyes tend to go for first. I also like the dull colouring through out the image, as it makes the peach stand out even more. Works really well together.
The one on the right has an interesting use of textures and colours, capturing the adventure of the story.

This one is quite interesting due to the simple shapes and block colours, works really well. I like that the designers has only picked out a few characters and used them seperatly, interesting compositions and use of colour palet.

In this image I like the use of colour and line drawing, rough yet smart lines to create interesting shapes and elements. Simple, hand typography works very well and stands out.

I like this composition due to the angle and different view. Most book covers i've seen had the seaguls carrying the peach, this uses that same idea but has shown it from the veiw of a seagul which i think is very interesting.
Again, simple lines, shapes and block colour. Patternd/swirly background is quite interesting, possibly stitched which is another interesting approach to working.

After looking at different covers for this story done my Quentin Blake, these 3 were my faviourite ones. The one on the right I mostly like due to the typography used, as it is different from the others, quite striking and unusual.
The one on the left, I liked this one as the main character is a big element of the whole image, shows the story is about him, And the middle one, I like as you can see all the characters and they are all centered within the image which works really well.

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