Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fmp part 1

So for my FMP I am basing it around the puffin awards for this year, which is Grimm's Fairy Tales, So my first part is to create a book cover for Rapunzel, one of the well known stories. I've been using lots of shapes and textures again, using a variety of textures instead of sticking to just one. I've also added some repeatative shapes to make a sort of pattern.
Playing with view points has been a big part of this project, making it quite flat yet playful, I really liked this idea so I have carried on using it for the main Grimm's Fairy Tales cover.

I have also started to play with screen printing, Gary and Ian both kept telling me my work would look great screen printed, and I have always pushed it to one side, as I have done screen printing a million times before and have hated doing it, but I've started to get really into it and it is working very well with my work.

I have also been playing with typorgraphy alot more and encorporating it into the image instead of slapping it on at the end, As i've never played around with typography that much and never felt that confident with it, I seem to have worked with it quite well in the piece and I feel it works.
I still need to work on the back cover of this image but overall this image is working pretty well for me and I am pleased with it.

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