Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just So Festival

So I am thinking about volunteering for Just So Festival's events this year. I attended a short meeting held my Tom, an organiser of the events. It sounds like so much fun! I would love to get involved in other things as well as volunteering (after i've finished the course of course) maybe in things such a set making and costume making.

The festivals are for children, getting them to take part in different activites and learn new things. Alot of fun for famlies aswell as the children. Art, music and literature pay a big part in the festival. Lot's of magical things to do! and performances to watch. The festival is also set in lovely forest areas to give more of a magical feeling. Taking part in something like this would be brilliant, as I am quite interested in children's illustration this could give myself a boost in the industry, it is also something good to put on a cv.

The organisers also hold smaller events, as just recently there was a very short event held at Picadilly Station in manchester, where people dressed up as characters from fairy tales and started to dance to classical music and then quickly dissapear, it only lasted for a few minutes but it looked like so much fun! It was done to celebrate and advertise The Spellbound Forest event taking place at Delamere Forest at the end of may which I will hopefully be volunteering for!

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