Monday, 28 February 2011

My James and The Giant Peach Book Cover

Here is (possibly) my final piece for my James and the Giant Peach book cover, I may make some more changes before I enter it into the penguin/puffin compotion.

I created my characters out of paper which I had printed paint onto with a sponge to create texture. I did them all with very similar shapes, mostly circles. The textures gave the characters a unique interesting style, very child like. Within the characters on my front page I added to text ontop of them, trying to incorportate the text into my image instead of just having the text hanging somewhere or put randomly onto the page. The text itself is a simple type face, but i changed each letter slightly by just altering the size or rotating it slightly which I thought worked quite well.

The shark on the back cover was created in the same way as the other characters.

I am quite proud of my book cover, And I think I have found a style of working which I am comfortable with and enjoy doing. Only thing I may alter/change on my book cover is the type face. I may try and create my own type face and use this instead, hopefully giving it more of a 'Becca' feel.

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