Tuesday, 15 March 2011

T.S Spookytooth

Hi Rebecca, Many thanks for your comments about my work, please find the answers to your questions below. I hope they help.RegardsT.S

What are your inspirations? and is there anyone you inspire to be like?
My inspirations just come from life, I can see something in everyday life that will just inspire me or give me an idea.
How do you come up with ideas for project which are set for you, how do you get started?
I normally just brainstorm ideas and start by drawing and find that things just happen and ideas flow. Ideas will come in the bath, on the bus, anywhere really.
When/If you get stuck, or have no ideas, how do you dig yourself out of a 'hole'?
Walk away and take a break, that normally does the trick for me.
Is there any routine to the way you work? For example, drawings onto illustrator, etc.
I start by brainstorming/then researching/rough sketches and ideas/ then develop them into more refined drawings/then final colour artwork. I rarely use computers in my work.
Is there any advice you could give to a student trying to make it in the illustration business?Draw every day, enjoy it. Get on the promotion trail and get your work seen by as many people as you can, nowadays it's not good enough to be a first class illustrator, you have to make sure the right people see it. Get yourself a good clear website created to showcase your work.
Short but sweet answers!

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