Thursday, 24 March 2011

Well Spring Finished Piece

Final image for Wellspring newspaper.
At first I had two legs beck to back but they began to look they they were two legs on one body and it looked a little bit silly and strange, so I decided to switch the legs around like this so you can tell that it is meant to be two different peoples legs. I decided then to place the larger titled text in between the two legs to hold the image together better, as they looked to separate before. I then placed the route of the run (not exact) underneith the legs and trainers, with some text inside this, (i think when printed in the newspaper, this text was straight and not slanted) and at the bottom are two web addresses of two runs from wellspring, which Johnathon himself asked me to put on there.
Over all I really like the piece, but once again think my main problem is my composition, I need to find a way around this and making my compositions better and less 'scatterd' or over crowded.

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