Thursday, 6 October 2011

Critical Review 1

Arictal taken from Eye Magazine, summer 2011.
by David Crowley.

Handwriting is a touchstone in the history of graphic design, where lettering meets the messy reality of the human body.
Out of hand.

The aritcle is about typography, and how hand written type is more personal and digital type seems quite bland and boring. I thought it was quite interesting as I have never been any good at typography and this makes me feel that hand made typography is much more personal and fun. I have to come up with a type for my childrens book (title etc.) and i know if i used a digital type it would look very plain and not so attractive to younge children.

An exhibition I would reccomend is the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the tate gallery in Liverpool, which starts on the 5th november to the 29th January.
It goes through different adaptations of the story, illustrators/artists who have tried to make their own alice in wonderland pieces.
I love Alice in wonderland so I intend to go to this exhibition.

A film I would reccomend, is The Lovely Bones, very unusual film, thriller/drama/fantasy. About a young girl who gets murdered and she looks over her family and her murdered from an unusual place. Very strange film but I quite enjoyed it.

I'm not a very big reader so I do not have many books to recommend, but my favourite book ever is The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and other stories, by Tim Burton. Great book full of little poems written by Burton with strange unique characters also illustrated by him. Love it, massive fan of Tim Burton, just a quick little book that can be read in less than half an hour. I love the characters that much that I have 2 of them tattooed!

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