Sunday, 30 October 2011

Illustrations Digital Future

Firstly, with things such as the i-pad and kindle etc, which you can read books from, this challenges printed books, but with some things I think a printed book has more personality. For example, you can't do a pop up book on an i-pad? (unless it's 3D, which I my opinion is rubbish) and you can't have things like 'touch and feel' books for children, fun things which children like. Giving a book to some as a present, if it means something to them is special, downloading it to a computer isn't.

I love producing art digitally, and sometimes things look different printed than on a screen, but I much prefer to have printed book than digital books.
Something which is interesting for illustrators and digital books, prints etc is that illustrators can start to make their images move, creating little characters and using them in small animations, but should this kind of thing just be left to the animators out there?
Most images/illustrations that are published in magazines/books etc are somewhere online, but what we don't really know is if their being seen more online or in person?
I feel that reading a book to a child is much more personal than reading it from a computer screen, it's something to help people bond with children, computers/ipads etc should be left for the older children, you couldn't give a 5/6 year old an i-pad for them to look at pictures and try to read? And if you're asking, why not? Then, give a 5/6 year old an ipad, lets see how long it lasts before it doesn't break?

"Things weren't always this way. Before the digital revolution, life as an illustrator was fairly straightforward, or so it seemed - there was no Bill Gates, no Apple, no Photoshop, no Google, no internet, no email, no hassle. Looking back at life before the revolution, albeit through rose-tinted specs, the working day for your lone illustrator was a fairly simple affair. In fact, depending on just how far back you wish to peer, it's clear to see just how much has changed."
Take from Computer Arts magazine, November 2006.
I think its strange how different things were before most technology had been created, how different illustrators worked and got themselves seen.

I think the future of illustration will change, thanks to things like the i-pad and downloadable books etc, but I don't think many illustrators will be please by it, I would much prefer something hand held and printed than on screen, but that's just me.

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