Monday, 3 October 2011

"Cute Illustration" Book from Monsa

Monsa Publication, publicated a magazine/book called 'Cute Illustration'. It contains illustrations from illustrators everywhere, cute images including some work from Tansy Myer who I contacted last year, we became friends on facebook and I have been spying on her since :)

I don't feel like I am all that great at drawing/illustrating people unless they are sketches, and even though me and Tansy have completely different styles of work I find her illustrations of girls, brilliant. They are unique and unusual. Some of her works are very sketchy and some very colourful and illustraty.
I love that most of the faces she illustrates are out of proportion, the eyes are always huge and dominating. All of the girls are slightly different, with hairstyles and clothing. Lots of detail are put into these girls which makes them interesting. Her use of colour is also fantastic and eye catching and works well with the drawings.

Tansy's work has also been published in a Computer Arts magazine, sex and design issue as some of her works are very feminine, looking at the naked female body. Also her work has been puslished in 'girly' magazines such as Cosmopolitan and teen vogue, her work has been used to advertise shoes and trainers such as sketchers and rocket dogs.

Tansy has agreed to look at some of my work and give me some feed back :)

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