Sunday, 30 October 2011

Web Site Research

Thinking about my own website that I would like to have, I would like mine to be very 'in your face', lots of bright colours and random illustrations everywhere. With funky boxes that link to things, instead of something that says "click here". I want it to be something you would want to look at as you want to see more, not something you look at because you have to. If a website isn't fun to look at, then I don't really want to look at it, and if there is lots of bland writing in big bulks then I probably wouldn't read it!

A web site I always love to check out is Tim Burtons, I love the loading page and how he has illustrated the numbers into characters or has characters surounding the numbers. Dark yet colourful. Once into the website, theres a little animation which is interesting, you move a character onto different areas of the page, which lead to different things. This is fun but I don't think I would want this for my own website, though it is a good idea for Animators I guess.

Another website that I like is Julia Woolf's. It's quite a simple site, simple tabs/links to other pages, but I like that as soon as you go on the page there is a nice bright eye catching image including typography.

Another is Dave Quiggle, His work is to be seen everywhere on the page, even if its just little snippits of pieces hidden in the Contact box. The layout is very catchy too which I like alot.

I think even though people are checking out your web site to take a look at your work, your website needs to be quite eye catching aswell, will possibly help people to remember you, especially if they've come across your page by accident!

How ever much I love Eric Carles work, I feel his website is lacking in personality, I'm aware that it may not have possibly been Mr Carle who has designed the website but the lack of colour and imagination is capsized, it is just white with simple links to other pages. I don't mind simple links and simple things, but when everything is simple, it makes things quite limiting and not very rememberable.

I love this website by T.S Spooky tooth, I love that little illustrations are links to other pages of the website, this is something I would like to have for my website, creating little characters to click on, something fun, friendly and inviting.

I've seen some illustrators websites where the background is just plain white and the text is black. I think this is pretty boring for someone who is artistic and creative. I feel that a website should reflect what it's about and it should reflect the illustrators personality and their work.
So I would like my own website to be colourful, crazy and abit 'all over the place'. With lots of textures!

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