Monday, 7 November 2011

But isn't that your job? Lecture/talk.

On thursday 4th nov, Craig Oldham, from design by music agency came in to talk to us about his expericence with illustrators.

Firstly I just thought, another lecture, Didn't think I would be interested and thought I might zone out 10 minutes into it, but straight away Craig grabbed my attention, it was nice to see someone who was outgoing and obviously enjoying what hes talking about than just being stood there with a sheet of notes. His swearing in almost every sentence made me laugh aswell, he wasn't afraid to show his colours and give an opinion wether it was good or bad.
You could tell from the way that he was talking that he enjoyed his job in design, which was great.
The talk was about six projects where he collaborated with illustrators, 4 of the projects being part of one bigger project. Firstly he talked about the role of an art director which was quite interesting, each project he used a different illustrator for, some projects he even had more than one illustrator doing pieces for him, as some of them wern't doing what was asked, or things just wern't working out (or some were subborn).

I really enjoyed Craig's talk, was very interesting overall. We had to create a poster for craigs talk which you can see somewhere below, it was a competition, which I did not win, but never mind!

I emailed Craig after having a quick chat with him, asking if he was able to meet with me so I could show him my portfolio. And he got back to me (yay finally).
A quote from Craig which I thought was interesting.
"If your mum doesn't understand it, it's wronge!"
I thought it was quite funny.

He also told us some thing about, what to look out for with designers.
- They will change their mind about everything
- Not good at explaining what they want
- Majority of the time they will say "I like that, can we have it for this"
- Prefer a lot of scamps, quick and often oppossed to more worked images
- Have to pass on pressure and time constrants
- And don't hate them if they can't get you all the money (or asking)

"If you want something so badly, and you work hard. you'll get it!"

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