Monday, 21 November 2011

Lord Whitney

So Lord Whitney came in today which was very interesting. Rebecca and Amy both talked about there trips in college and uni and how they did not find what they really wanted to do till the end of 3rd year, they played about with a lot of other things, photography, illustration, cover design, typorgraphy, etc.
They both came between them to love 3D illustration, making sets and photographing, they started working together at the end of their 3rd year and began working on things for themselves, they could not afford a studio so they would end up making things in each others houses.
They would use alot of people in their sets and things, wearing silly costumes, there work wasn't very pretty, or precious, but this is what they came to love about it and also others liked this feel, not everything has to be perfect, its about enjoying yourself. They could not afford to make big fancy sets so they would use things that they already had around them, or they would buy cheap bits and bobs from poundshops. They've even used a spare room above a pub to create sets and photograph them.

They have a wierd yet wonderful way of working and you can tell that they both love what they do, which is great. If you didn't enjoy what you were doing, then you'd probably get bored and it would show through in your work!

They gave a lot of good advice about some work industries and how to just keep doing what you love and how you don't need loads of money to do things that you want to!
Doing free stuff to get experience is always a good one, though they've said if people like your work and want you to do things again they will start treating you to things or even pay you, if people just keep recieving and not giving, then stop doing things for them (unless you really want to of course), but if people treat you well its always worth seeing what they've got on offer.

They've also art directed a few festivals which is pretty cool! They very much enjoy their work.
They told us about some companies/agencies and art events, such as Culture Vulture which organise art events in leeds and tried to encourage us to enter competitions, like the E4 competitions which look pretty good (may look into that a little more)

They have now have their own studio which they share with a friend and it's named Control Freak. Their work is very funky and makes me laugh, I like that they don't go overboard with a budget even if they have lots of money, they tend to stick to the simple as thats what they look, it gives a more personal and fun approach and brings the girls personalities through. Very interesting.

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