Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Andrzej Krajewski: Polish Movie Posters

Andrzej Krajewski, Polish designer, graphic/illustration. Creates these amazing movie posters, very inspiring as I would love to create something like these for some of my favourite movies.
The Big Lebowski, great film, very random as is this poster. Love the colours used and the text is very interesting as it looks like it has just been done free hand, which gives the piece more personality. Love the black outline, brings out the images and figures.

Sex and the City, another film/series which I really enjoy (hard to believe i know), again love the colours and the black outlines, also love how simpley the characters are drawn/created. Also liking how the pink boarder expands at the bottom of the image which the text placed on top, works really well.
In the Blues Brothers poster, I love how thetext has been used as part of the background, very interesting.
The Reservoir Dogs poster, reminds me of work by Matisse, the colours and the bold black lines.

With this one, I love the tiny circles used as part of the background, gives it a comicy kind of style.This piece is abit different from all the rest, the outlines are not as thick as the rest and It looks as if it has been created on graph paper. I like the sharp edges and the darkness of the image.

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