Friday, 8 October 2010

Tim Burton Movie Posters

I love most work done my Tim Burton, I think he is very imaginative and interesting, I even love his movie poster, which i'm not too sure if he had designed them personally, but they include his characters and scenery so I think they are pretty interesting.

Even his dark work, and 'black comedies' are very imaginative, with crazy characters, unusual and inventive characters which all have different qualities.

His animations are even more imaginative. Using bright colours in scenes which in reality are no so bright, for example, Corpse Bride (to the left) is about the Land of the Dead, yet, the land of the dead according to Burton, is bright and colourful, and the real world is a dark and gloomy place.

These are two films that are happier and brighter, but have a darker side to them. I love the Alice and Wonderland movie poster (to the left) as there is so much going on it in and it is so detailed, also including some of the interesting characters.

These are two of Burtons, dark and 'scary' movies, which I think comes across in these movie posters due to the darker colours, with the colour red, which usually comes across as scary or dangerous etc etc.

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