Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Box Project: Part 3 Narrative Sequence (2nd Attempt)

Using the same image given to me on my 1st attempt of this project, I started to look at an artist who had done work using a narrative sequence in an unusual way. This artist was Andrzej Klimoski. I love how his frames in this image are so random and unusual and you can create many different stories using these same images.
To start myself off this time, I decided not to think about the 'story' too much and I just started to create images by photocopying images of people and random objects, cutting them out and sticking them down together to create an image where it wasn't completely obvious what was going on.

These were the first images I came up with, which I thought worked well, especially with the face of the man being covered up, so he becomes and stranger, an unknown character.
From these two images I had created I seemed to have created a slight theme with the camera, so I decided to create/base my 'story' around this. In the image on the left I had also added a couple of drawn in lines to give a slightly messier look to my work which I thought worked well with the cut out images.
So I thought it would be a good idea to maybe add some drawing into my images.

The image to the left that I came up with relates to the photograph I got given at the beginning of the project, the 'mug shot'. I then carried on with creating images for the rest of my sequence, putting in small drawings of my own, like the image above to the right.
I also decided for one of my images that I would draw out the whole thing and have one image slightly different to the rest, which I thought worked really well.

After I created at last six images I started to put them together, cropping them and playing with levels and experimenting on photoshop. I decided to have all my images he same sizes and formats and I wanted to use the layout Klimoski used in the image I was looking at earlier, very simple straight forward layout. After I cropped all my images to the same size, I felt some of them were slightly too spaced out and plain, so I added black boxed areas to some of the images which I felt made me slightly more ineresting to look at and they all worked well together in this way.
After I had played around with my images on photoshop and I felt they were finished I put black boarders around them all and placed them together as a set. I feel they worked really well together.

After my second attempt at this project I feel a lot better about my images, I feel that they are much stronger than the images I created in my first attempt. I also feel a lot more confident and happier with this piece. Over all I quite enjoyed this project, after my second try I am pleased with my final result.

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