Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Box Project: Part 1 Object

For this project, the aim was for my to create an object unique to me. It could be anything from textiles, home accessories, furniture, games, toys, books, puzzles, magazines, jewellery, etc. The ideas need to be personal, almost autobiographical in nature. The artifact should be a legitimate extension of my artistic practice and sensibilities into a mass produced object. It should also function as a promotion device for myself and as such may feature my name, email address or web address. Personal expression is important but I need to trigger emotional/passionate responses from recipients. Just as the product should touch an expressive chord in the 'consumer' it should emerge from an expressive place in the designer. It is all about balancing expression and viability.

To start this project I thought about things that I like to collect, use alot or just like in general. Things such as, every day things that I use, for example, hair brushes, clothing, stationary, bags, glasses case, jewellery. (BRAIN STORM HERE)

After brain storming I thought about making a bag, and the theme for my bag would be penguins, as I have a huge love for penguins and I have many penguin collectables at home. (Yes I know, i'm sad, but I don't care :] )
After Bainstorming I decided to make a penguin bag, and to make it a waterproof bag as Penguins are obviously swimmers so I thought it would be good, linking the material with something to do with the animal itself.

Quick little sketchs of how I would do this.

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